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Youth Empowerment & Service Awards

"Welcome to the YES Awards - honoring young leaders who shape the future and create lasting impact in their communities and beyond."


The KCS Foundation is proud to launch the inaugural Youth Empowerment & Service (YES) Awards, an annual recognition program dedicated to celebrating and honoring the extraordinary achievements of young individuals aged 9-25 who have made significant contributions to their communities and society. Through their passion, creativity, and determination, these young leaders have demonstrated that age is no barrier to making a difference in the world. The KCS Foundation is committed to empowering and supporting the next generation of changemakers, and the YES Awards serve as a platform to recognize their remarkable efforts.

The KCS Foundation's Vision

The KCS Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth and fostering social change, has recognized the importance of supporting young leaders in their quest to make a positive impact on their communities and the world. With the establishment of the YES Awards, the KCS Foundation aims to inspire, motivate, and encourage young individuals to take an active role in community service, social entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, education, health, and arts and culture.

                       The Inaugural YES Awards


The first edition of the YES Awards, initiated by the KCS Foundation, will focus on acknowledging and rewarding young leaders across six categories:

  1. Community Service

  2. Social Entrepreneurship

  3. Environmental Stewardship

  4. Education & Literacy

  5. Health & Well-being

  6. Arts & Culture

These categories have been carefully selected to represent various fields where young individuals have made a remarkable impact, showcasing the diversity and potential of youth-driven change.

                              The Awards Process


 The inaugural YES Awards will follow a comprehensive process to identify and honor deserving young leaders:

  1. Nominations: Individuals, organizations, and institutions can nominate young leaders who meet the eligibility criteria and have demonstrated exceptional commitment to their communities and society.

  2. Selection: A panel of experts and community leaders will review the nominations, evaluating nominees based on their achievements, impact, and potential for future growth.

  3. Awards Ceremony: The winners will be announced and honored at a special awards ceremony, featuring inspiring speeches, performances, and networking opportunities.


                     Supporting Future Changemakers


The KCS Foundation's commitment to youth empowerment goes beyond the YES Awards. By providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, the foundation aims to create a supportive ecosystem that enables young leaders to thrive and continue making a difference in the world.

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