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Surabhit Mithila-Dubai 16/10/2022

KCS Foundation India added a proud moment in India’s #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav through its grand celebration of #surabhitmithila event in Dubai (UAE) on 16th October 2022. Surabhit Mithila is a proud celebration of India’s cultural diversity enriched by cultural richness of Mithila. Organized in association with Consulate General of India (Dubai, UAE), this event centered around inauguration of a Mithila Painting that captures the essence of Maithil culture through its vibrantly coloured portrayal of fifteen festivals of the region. Painted by Puja Jha, a maithil daughter from Madhubani, this painting was installed and inaugurated at the main gate of Consulate Auditorium. Chief Guest Smt. Tadu Mamu Jee Consul (Press, Information, Culture & Labour) and over two hundred members of the Mithila Samaj in UAE proudly presented the cultural richness of Mithila, a beautiful pearl in the garland of cultural diversity and vibrancy adorning India. Popular Maithil Singer Sri Vikash Jha and many local talents came together to give a breathtaking performance on this occasion. Mr. Pankaj Jha, Mr. Gautam Kumar and Mr. Sujeet Jha showed admirable dedication and ingenuity as the organizers of this grand event.

Guinness World Record-India Club-Dubai-UAE
                            22-23 October 2021


Longest Aqua Yoga Marathon (24 Hrs) waves at the India Club, Dubai, UAE. History was made and a record established when Mr. Ravi entered the water of the India Club on that day and time. He stepped out of the water 24 hours later on October 23, 2021, at 06:04AM! Guests for the Felicitation Program: 1. Mrs. Tadu Mamu, Consul(Press,Information, Culture & Labour) 2. Mr. Ghazi Al Madani Tourism Manager Dubai Sports Council & BWF, Dubai Sports Council, Dubai 3. Mr. Pankaj Jha Founder KCS Foundation  4.Mr. Siddharth Balachandran Chairman, India Club, Dubai 5. Mr. Suresh Menon, Sports director, India Club, Dubai 6. Mr. Bharat Chachara CEO India Club, Dubai

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