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About HerHygiene

Age-appropriate education about menstrual hygiene develops knowledge and encourages positive attitudes and behaviours. HerHygiene focuses on empowering girls and women. We believe that periods are a normal part of life. It is increasingly recognised that good menstrual health is an essential component to wellbeing. Can you imagine not being able to afford sanitary products to help manage your period?

Hence, we raise awareness about menstrual hygiene and provide young menstruators with access to menstrual products through our monthly distribution drives.

Our belief

In cultures all over the world, menstruation is considered a social taboo. There are many cultural beliefs related to this issue like a bleeding woman cannot enter the kitchen and that a bleeding girl is considered impure to name a few. In order to overcome this hurdle of misconception, we noticed that education, talk and having access to menstrual products is necessary. 

People should be educated that menstruation is not a taboo, but a normal biological function. There is nothing wrong for a woman to have periods. Superstitions surrounding menstruation are utterly wrong and proper information should be provided to everyone regarding menstruation and menstrual hygiene. 

Advertising menstrual products also have a positive impact on reducing shyness to talk and educate about the significance of menstrual hygiene - something that our sanitary pad distribution drives aim to achieve. 

We believe that a fruitful discussion with family and friends on the importance of menstruation will make them realise that it is a natural process and there is nothing embarrassing about it. 

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